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Lead contact

Group information

Basic information

If the group has any social media accounts please provide links to them.

Your setup

Provide a brief description of the background, skills and abilities of any individuals in the group that will be of benefit to your scheme.

How much time do you estimate your group is spending working towards the objectives of this scheme?

How have you, or how will you, engage other members of the local community in terms of a) giving their support to and/or b) being actively involved in your scheme?

Scheme basics

If known at this time

State town or village if known

The local authority responsible for the location and surrounding area(s)

Scheme location

Awareness and support

List any officers aware of your scheme and state whether they support or oppose your plans

List any councillors aware of your scheme and state whether they support or oppose your plans

List anyone working for your local authority who is aware of your scheme, their role and whether they support or oppose your plans

Local housing needs and potential scheme benefits

We would like to understand why you want to deliver your proposed scheme so please provide a brief description of:

  • the local community as a whole (if relevant)
  • the housing situation or housing shortage within that local community (if relevant)
  • the residents your scheme will serve
  • any economic difficulties that exist within the residents your scheme will serve
  • anything else you think we should be aware of

Scheme housing details

What type of housing scheme will it be?

See a description of each type (opens in new window)

Details to include: a) if they are flats, bungalows or terraced/semi-detached/detached properties b) if they are for a specific sector of the local community c) if it is a new build or a refurbishment / repurposing of an existing building d) whether or not they are to be constructed and will run in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way

Have you decided what kind of tenure you want to provide?

If you are aware of any groups, please list them and state if you are intending to collaborate with them.

Scheme timescales

If your scheme has already started, provide the approximate start date.

Scheme partners

Are you working with (or planning to work with) any of the following types of partners?

Scheme finance

How are you financing the scheme?

Additional information